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Download the latest Highlights brochure - Summer 2022 
This latest brochure covers everything from cans and fans to getting planning for 2023 and laminating to pest control, this packed online brochure has everything you need to know, be aware of and buy for your office and workplace during the summer months and beyond. 
PLUS the offers and competitions too are well worth checking out! 
We have yet another brochure to bring you, the 2022 Office Furniture guide flipbook catalogue from DAMS 
This all encompassing office interiors brochure covers off storage, desks and tables (including sit stand desks), private working, power modules, reception furniture, chairs, seating and soft seating and home office furniture. Ideal for the office, workplace or for hybrid working 
Whether you are working from, commuting or travelling to the office or doing a hybrid of both, these 3 business backpacks/bags from Gino Ferrari are ideal for all your storage and carrying needs. 
Diaries and Planners for 2022! 
Here is a flyer of offers, from cupboards to cabinets to chatboxes! 
Plus also furniture including pedestals, straight desks, wave desks, tidal desks and ergonomic desks. As well as chairs to accompany these ranges of desks in varying colours, materials and finishes. 
And screens for the office and workplace to keep you, staff and customers protected. 
Safety and Infection control 
What you need and where you need it. 
Fogging machines 
Our machines create a fully immersive, disinfectant mist with up to 100% surface coverage  
Safe to re enter rooms within 2 hours of final application  
Effective against 99.999% of germs and bacteria  
Non corrosive, non toxic and suitable for: kitchens, dining areas, medical practices, hair salons etc... 
Return to work safely… the solution is nobo® 
When preparing for the return to the work place, organisations must consider how this transition can be safely implemented.  
The key considerations are social distancing protocols (including screens and signage solutions) and cleaning protocols. 
Find out more on the ranges of partition screens, desk top screens, floor screen dividers, room dividers and modular desk dividers, plus all the parts needed from castors to clamps and weighted support. 
Working from home? 
Working from home may be a reality for many of us. Not everyone has an ergonomic workstation set up at home. Make sure your employees are equipped with ergonomic accessories to maximise comfort and productivity if they need to work remotely. See what Kensington® have to offer in terms of laptop risers, ergonomic foot rests and monitor stands plus back rests, coo-gel seat rests, wrist rests, mouse and mouse pads, Nano docks, virtual lasers, and keyboards. 
Make sure all home workers are equipped with the right accessories so there is no drop in productivity with these ranges from Kensington® 
Home office furniture  
Combine style and purpose and maximise on productivity! 
This new brochure will help you get set up, get organised, be productive, look after your wellbeing and be GDPR compliant when working from home. 
The brochure covers products to suit all styles, tastes and budgets from key brands like nobo®, Leitz®, Kensington and Rexel® including 
Desk accessories 
Office equipment 
Office furniture 
Storage solutions 
Technology items 
Safety items 
First Aid compliance 
Does your office have the right kit to help employees if they become ill or injured? 
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